My Favourite Animal

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I now understand that I shouldn't be ashamed of how I am, and that there is someone out there in the world that will care and love me, because everybody deserves to be loved. But I will be lying if I told you that I got to this conclusion by myself, I had guidance from a special person, well, not exactly a person, from a kind, loving, sympathetic, lovely alien named George.
I met George about a year ago, we spent only a week together but they were enough to change my life.
It was what seemed like another regular Sunday morning. I woke up, and got ready for school, I left quickly to the bus station and I arrived just in time. I like taking the bus because it gives me time to think to myself, my school is far from my house so I have plenty of time to think. The bus was empty as usual, I sat in the back where no one can see me like I always do. After 40 minutes the bus arrived to school. I don’t like going to school, because I usually end up spending the day on my own, I don’t have friends at my school, you always hear the stories about the kids that are being bullied at school, but you never hear about the people like me, that are so pathetic that no one even bothers to care about them, people like me we are like ghosts at the school, no one wishes us to have a good day, no one wants to do school projects with us, no one wants to seat with us in class, we are invisible for most people. This day didn’t seem to go any different, it looked like I was going to have another day of being invisible, and I didn’t really matter to me because I stopped caring about it a long time. When the bell rang for recess I went to my regular place in the basement of the school where I can sit by myself where no can see me, but after five minutes of me ...

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...e answered, " I am going to teach you how to leave your bubble and communicate with teachers and children your age" he continued. And that was the turning point in my life, George was my guardian alien, every day that week he came to school and encouraged me to communicate, and socialize, by the end of the week I was invited to a party, I was never invites anywhere my whole life and one week with George and I am already invited to a party!
I was devastated when George had to leave, but he told me he was always looking after me from his planet.
And this is the story about my favorite alien, the alien that cared, about me more than anyone else, and the alien that wanted me to have a wonderful life. Now I have many friends I am not invisible anymore and it is only thanks to George the most loving and caring, alien in the world! He is without doubt my favorite alien.

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