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Like the typical Chinese old woman that you see in a film, my grandma looks warm and inviting. She may be strict, but I know it is out of love. She is short and chubby like a body pillow that I could hug every night, and when she smiles, you could no longer see her eyes. My grandma could be the most annoying woman in the world. She talks a lot whenever she is interested in something. Like an old timeworn radio that has lost its “pause” button that keeps on repeating what it says over and over. Whenever I get tired of her voice, I shot back angrily. What I could not forget was when she chased me. Holding an inanimate object to carry with her and chased me for being not respectful. One of my fondest memories of her.…show more content…
My grandma is my favorite person. For the past twenty years’ of my memory, she lived like an unstoppable machine. She has been taking care of everyone in the family, cooking, feeding, cleaning the house, and teaching us manners. Her care extends from my great-grandparents’ generation to my newborn nephew, and what I love the most is her special meals that she prepares on each and every one of us for our birthday. 23 years ago, she was a heavy smoker and has been diagnosed with liver cancer. The doctor suggested her to quit smoking or else she would never see her only granddaughter ever. My grandpa told me I was her motivation at that time, and her liver cancer healed itself surprisingly. She was 60 at that time, and after 21 years, she died from brain cancer. On her deathbed, she left us with a smile with tears. A smile of peace. No more pain, no more suffering. She had no regrets. My grandma was a nice and sweet woman. She knew everyone from her neighborhood. She helped them when they are in need. She was a person that everyone could rely on. She was a faithful Buddhist, and she believed that loving and helping people are the most rewarding experience in life. She had prayed for everyone to be healthy and happy every day. I noticed that habit when I was living with…show more content…
My conversation with her served as my life lesson. I learned that it is not good to waste food, not to talk back to the elders, and most importantly to love and protect our family. Before she got sick, she got a headache about family properties because my older uncle needed her retirement fee to buy for his own house after a divorce. It was rude of him since he was not thinking about my grandpa, and especially my grandma. She wants my uncle to think about the family first because she didn’t want us to think that money is more important than the love from family. She only attained a low level of education, but she knew how to deal and commutate with others. People surrounded by her love and concern were lucky to have her in our

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