My Family Values And The Value Of A Family

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When it comes to values I have been blessed with a role model like no other. Through the example of her own values my mom has set footprints for me to follow in that I believe will lead me to success. There is not a single person who exhibits the same level of values as my mom. She along with my dad, has perpetually taught us to put others first, respect one’s elders, love one’s enemies, be the best person one can be, be selfless, and most importantly do everything with a happy heart. Certainly she was not born with her values, thus I believe religion, more specifically Christianity, had an important impact on her as well as her family’s lives and values.
My mother and father grew up in Christian homes, and so have my siblings and I. However, …show more content…

Overall, values are the critical concepts that make up the core of a family and how a family functions. Yet, everyone functions differently. It is typical as a society to try and define exactly what something is and apply it to everyone and everything as a whole. However, due to the variety in families, religions, communities, etc. it is practically impossible to have a consistent set of values that apply to all families. Personally, the values of my family are affected by the morals that are associated with our faith; as does the values of a significant number of other families. It may be confusing, but there is not always a strict “right” or “wrong” concept when it comes to values as a whole, because everyone has their own opinions and …show more content…

Some families may seem more civil or functional than others, but that does not mean families who struggle do not have personal values that are less important. One of the most crucial things family members should provide for each other is love. A popular phrase used to demonstrate the power of love is “motherly love”. The reason being, that more often than not a mother infinitely sacrifices for her children for nothing in return. Without love, there would be no bonds, and with no bonds there would be no real relationships that makes up a family. Moreover, we are not forced to love everyone and sadly love is not always present in the family setting, but something that should always be present and is the key factor in the functioning of a family is respect. It does not matter if it is respect between spouses, siblings, or children and parents; everyone deserves respect. Respect is a demonstration of finding someone or something valuable, which obviously ties directly into family

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