My Experience With My Family

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I come from a single parent household, where it’s just my mother and I with no siblings. My mother has always been a major influence and my life. Her advice was always correct but I took it for granted. I was just a stubborn little boy, wanting to do whatever I felt without anybody telling me what to do. In life, you will learn many things from gaining advice to being taught life lessons that will help you out in the future. Often, older people will tell you stories about their experiences and what they have learned. It is important that you listen to them because they have been through it all and they are just trying to teach you how to overcome the many obstacles that they did. There will be many lessons learned in a lifetime, from spoken advice, watching your parent’s actions, and lastly from your own personal experiences. I have learned a lot from being a kid. My family has taught me a lot, I have learned many things from just watching my mother and how she goes about her everyday life, and ultimately I have learned the most from my own personal experiences of things. Spoken advice is always a good factor when it comes to being taught life lessons and such. People will often tell you about their experiences to help you in the future. Some spoken advice is good but not all are accurate. There are different people giving you advice from their certain point of view or experience. For instance, my mother told me about how she used to study at the last minute for every exam she took while in school. She studied at the last minute every trip but always received an A on all of her tests. This may have worked for her but this strategy doesn’t work for me. Although, spoken advice has its negative and positive aspects. I think there ... ... middle of paper ... ...o spoken advice. Some individuals are very good listeners, so spoken advice will be very beneficial to them because they just take what they learned and apply it to their own lives. As kids, we all look up to our parents so they have the most influence on our lives. It all depends on what kind of household you come from though. If you come from a household of drug taking, neglecting parents then you will do everything in your power to not be like them and be better than them when you get older. If your parents are hard workers, who are living very good lives than they greatly influence your life and you will try to be just like them one day. At the end of the day, the best advice you can give yourself is to just go out into the real world and gain this experience on your own. Gain your own advice and learn from your mistakes. This is the best way to be successful.

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