Defining Good Advice

Defining Good Advice

The first thing I know about good advice is that it can come from anyone. I found this out by looking at the narrative stories that we had to write in the beginning of this assignment. For example, J.Lutts got his advice from a friend, while Chris Lefstad got his advice from his uncle, and Nate Hilson and Nate Hall both got their advice from their parents. Although, Robyn Isaacs says, “Usually it (advice) is given to me by someone I know and trust on a personal level.” I don’t totally agree with this. I think that good advice can come from people we don’t know. For instance, take the three text book examples of giving advice on using contractions. I don’t personally know any of the people that are giving me this advice. The part that I do agree with Robyn is that you do need to trust the person on a personal level. I trust that the authors of these text books know what they are talking about when they give me advice on using contractions. I wouldn’t take advice from a five-year old on when to use contractions, and when not to use contractions.

The next thing that good advice depends on is how it is said. Sometimes when I get good advice, it needs to be expressed in an urgent way. Someone can yell at me to get out of the way when I am walking right into traffic. It is good advice and it needed to be hollered at me, otherwise I wouldn’t have paid attention to it, and I wouldn’t know how important this advice is to me. But other times, good advice needs to be said on the same level as I am on. I wouldn’t want my dad to yell at me when he was giving me advice on switching schools. I wouldn’t listen to him. He has to talk to me on the same level. I wouldn’t ask someone for advice if I didn’t think that they would give it thought, and suggest to me in an appropriate way, what their opinion on the subject is.

That leads to another characteristic of good advice. When I seek good advice, I am going to go to someone that knows something about what I am going to ask. Chris Lefstad asked his uncle for advice on choosing a specific career in computers because his uncle went through the same thing.

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