My Experience With My Anxiety

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If you told me four years ago that I was in college, away from home, and thriving, I would not have believed you. My freshman year of high school, I was having a rough time coping with my anxiety. My anxiety became so out of control I refused to go to school, I stopped eating, I could no longer sleep. I was a zombie, I did not laugh, smile, or hang out with my friends anymore. I tried to smile and be content, but nothing worked. I was convinced I was going to be afflicted forever, thankfully there were others who knew the real me was still there. With the help of my mother, getting professional help, and a change of perspective I was able to conquer my anxiety. My family was always there for me, and once I realized this my anxiety finally became manageable. In the past, I had always tried to hide my anxiety from my parents. I alienated everyone who cared about me because I was embarrassed to talk about my anxiety. My anxiety was always over small things that most people would view as unimportant, but these were very real issues to me. When I was having an anxiety attack my mother repeatedly told me that she was there for me when I was ready to talk. I never wanted to bother her, or give her something else to stress out about. One day I stayed home from school because I was having a horrible panic attack, my mom called and asked how I was doing. Unable to hide it anymore, I confessed to her how my anxiety had worsened. My mom left work and drove home instantly just to be with me. She used up her own sick days that week just to sit and calm me down. When I went back to school, she was my crutch. I needed her, and she was always there. I texted her endlessly throughout the day, when I was really distressed I would call her and no ma... ... middle of paper ... ...s. My anxiety began to dramatically improve once I stopped seeing myself as a victim. When I began to feel anxious I just began to list all the positives in my life. When I started to focus on the positives in my life that is when I saw the most improvement. Currently I am in the honors department at Delaware Valley University, I am secretary of Outdoor club, a member of 3 clubs and running for representative of the freshman class. With anxiety I dreaded every single day, I never would have dreamed I could do any of these things. Now I am excited for every day, and I believe I can accomplish anything I set my mind too. I overcame what I thought to be impossible so now everything is possible. I cannot take full credit for all these accomplishments thought, I could not have beaten my anxiety without the help of my mom, proper medications, and a change in my thinking.

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