My Education Experience Essay

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My education experiences are very uniquely different from the majority of college students. I was homeschooled for my entire life until I entered college. The only teacher I ever had was my mother and the only classroom I ever sat in was my kitchen table. Being homeschooled awarded me many distinctive opportunities that other students weren’t entitled to. It also meant that I was shielded from the parts of the education system that my mother didn’t agree with or support. For instance, I didn’t take graded tests and didn’t received grades on the essays I wrote. Instead when I took a test, I would help to check over it to understand any mistakes that were made. Similarly, the essays I wrote would be discussed and then often re-written as examples…show more content…
The test was early on a Saturday morning. I remember eating an early breakfast and then packing my bag for the test. Everything about the day was going to be unfamiliar, from the location to the fact that the test was timed. I didn’t even own a school backpack yet, having never needed one before, so I packed my number 2 pencils, erasers, calculator and water bottle in an another bag instead. I walked into an unfamiliar high school and having no experience finding my way through the maze of hallways, followed signs until I found my way to the classroom in which the testing would take place. Before this moment I had never had to sit at a desk before. The straight lines of desks were so orderly and there was a proper classroom feeling that I had never experienced before in my home. I remember sitting there with my stomach in knots; standardized testing is anxiety inducing for almost any student, and I had the usual test-taking nerves combined with the unfamiliarity of a new…show more content…
Having to move on to another section when time was called and not being able to go back later if there was extra time was unfamiliar. I didn’t like the feeling of being forced to finish something that I knew I could complete better with more time. Even worse was the guessing aspect of the test; it’s set up so that any incorrect answer is a deduction forcing students to weigh whether answering a certain question is worth it. It became, in a certain sense, necessary to know the tricks of the test; when the odds were good enough to guess and when it was better to simply let the question slide so as to not risk a deduction. I wanted to make an education guess for any question that I didn’t know the answer to, I disliked the feeling of having to evaluate how confident I was in each bubble I filled
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