What it Means to Value Another Person

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What it Means to Value Another Person

What does it mean to value another person? The major consideration is to value their ideas and feelings. As an individual is natural for us to put our ideas and feelings first, above all else and not consider others. When valuing another person as an individual you must take the time to listen to all their concerns and take action and follow up on them. As individuals we must all be treated differently because of our different needs. For all individuals there must be made an attempt to be fair and even with the enforcement of rules and regulations.

To value another person we must also value their ideas on an individual basis. As an individual our ideas will be different in most areas of life. This does not mean that we must agree with every idea presented to us. To value another persons idea we must give it full consideration and then make a decision based on the needs of the whole not just on the needs of the individual. To do this we must make an attempt to place their ideas on an equal footing with all others and evaluate the merit of the idea. How do you value another person’s feelings? First we must take the time to listen to the problem or idea they have. In some cases this will be enough to show the value you place in them. Next we must put ourselves in their position to get some idea of where the feelings are coming from. Next their needs to be some attempt to find an outlet for those feelings if needed. This solution or outlet will be important if the act of listening and valuing is not enough to assist the individual in their issues.

Rules and regulations must be enforced evenly and without prejudice for all individuals. The easiest way to not value an individual is to treat them unfairly. This sounds like a simple cut and dry issue but policy and rule enforcement are the biggest issues to and individual if they perceive them to be enforced unfairly.
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