My Committment to Improving the Field of International Education

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As a culture-loving Francophile who struggled to overcome the high costs of studying abroad, I am committed to improving the field of international education. More specifically, I aspire to use my study abroad success story to help other students realize that international education is an option for them, regardless of their financial backgrounds. Hence, I am applying for a Master of Science in College Student Personnel to equip myself with the skills necessary to make a difference in students’ lives, as socially responsible student affairs professional.
I first realized that I wanted to advocate for financially disadvantaged students while volunteering with the Office of Study Abroad. Ringed by enthusiastic faculty and hypermotivated undergrads, I felt gratified whenever I inspired a student to keep applying for aid, or heard that someone I had spoken with had earned a study abroad scholarship. Plus, the office’s multicultural atmosphere brought me to know students and professionals from myriad backgrounds in many fields of study; living vicariously through their global successes delighted my inner explorer. Finally, my mentor, Dr. Catherine Moore, whose zeal for continual learning and self-improvement I so admire, persuaded me to pursue a career in the field.
Since then, I have explored several facets of the global education sector: I have written a study abroad advice column for the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, been elected as President of Western’s Ambassadors for Study Abroad (WASA), a student organization for international education advocates, and continued to volunteer with the WIU Office of Study Abroad. Also, I had the opportunity to interact with bright, young student affairs professionals during a grant-f...

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...ack experience in, whilst providing my peers with valuable information from my own involvements. Plus, perfecting how to interact in a group will help me maintain effective working relationships with my future colleagues. Furthermore, because of the close contact many CSP alumni keep with the program, I hope to connect with student affairs professionals who may want to synergize on future projects.
As I have demonstrated, my personal experience as a financially disadvantaged student who won the struggle against the high costs of studying abroad has inspired me to help other low-income students pursue their dreams of international education. However only the well-rounded theory-to-practice-based College Student Personnel at WIU can help me develop into an ethical and effective student affairs professional capable of truly reforming the international education system.

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