My Christian Experience: My Faith Experience Justified

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My Faith Experience Justified
Have you ever been in a situation where you found yourself questioning you own believe? The world we live in today is very dynamic and most of us, if not all of us have had to do certain things that were personally were against our will thus we somehow compromised our own faith. We all believe in something. Don’t we? The important thing to not about faith is that it is indirectly our world view. What we believe is maps how we view the world view and how we survive our daily lives.
My Christian walk of faith has not been easy but through God’s guidance & mercy I am able to give this testimony. The doctrine of justification by faith is an interesting bubble in Christian theology that has affect our understanding of God and his parameters. Having been raised up in an Adventist home “a blessing in disguise “I was dedicated to the lord by a pastor in one Adventist church. I personally believe this was the start of my Christian journey. Despite being a few weeks old and not knowing what was happening, this ceremony was the inception of a new way of life. The world somehow believes that we are born with guilt and a predetermined penalty of sin which is true. (Psalm 51:5)
Firstly, why would people want to declare themselves righteous sinners if Christ came as the sacrificial atonement? Martin Luther is one 16th century reformer who questioned his faith at a critical time while he was in an Augustinian monastery. After much studying and contemplation he came out in the open to critique the authority of the church (The Catholic Church). When I analyze Luther’s stance, I picture it in my life as those small reforms that I engaged in that have actually led to me being a better person. These may have had to do wi...

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... special clique of Protestant churches except the old and single affirmation of Luther. The seventh day Adventists for example have been able to recognize and adopt that despite being protestant they exist because they are waiting for a second coming; the Advent and that has become the basis of the mission.
To sum up, Augustine’s view on actual sin by grace is crucial for the existence of mankind. Man ought to live in grace that yields its intended effect without fail and not opposing human freewill. John Calvin concurs as he says that “perfect freedom is when a person follows the will of God” (History through the eyes of Faith p.133). In closing Augustine view on actual sin by grace is vital in the lives of mankind. It has even helped reformers of the Ages like M. Luther make substantial changes to the Christian church and it undoubtedly can help you and me today.

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