The Impact Of Martin Luther And The Catholic Church

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The sixteenth-century Protestant Reformation was inspired by Martin Luther. Martin Luther is a reformer and also a priest and professor of theology who, after studying the Bible led him to challenge the Roman Catholic Church. Martin Luther along with a few followers argued that religious leaders were not following the traditions of the Bible and Christian faith; for that reason, should be judged. This argument between Martin Luther and the Roman Catholic Church changed the tone in Catholic Europe. Martin Luther was determined to distinguish the difference between Protestant denominations and Roman Catholicism. The Protestantism ascended while Roman Catholicism descended consequently, creating conflict and contributing to later revolutions…show more content…
By age twenty- nine Martin Luther earned a doctorate of theology and began teaching at a university. Shortly after, Martin Luther found himself faced with a discrepancy with the Roman Catholic Church and its beliefs and practices. Martin Luther argued against the sale of indulgences. The sale of indulgence is a theological practice within the Roman Catholic Church that represents the lessening of punishment for sins if the sinner, paid money to the Pope and the money paid went towards the rebuilding of St Peter’s in Rome. In other words, if you had money, you could pay to have your sins forgiven, while funding the building of the St. Peter’s in Rome. It was because of this theological issue that caused Martin Luther to break away from the Roman Catholic Church. Martin Luther argued for the salvation by faith and not by work. As a part of Martin Luther’s demonstration he formulated his Ninety- Five Theses, which he posted on the door of all Saint’s Church. The Ninety- Five Theses is Martin Luther’s written work that speaks against the sale of indulgences. Another way Martin Luther expressed his dispute, he translated the Bible to Latin. Martin Luther believed that for the ordinary people to understand the language of the Bible it should be in a term that they spoke. However, Martin Luther turned the Bible into his own interpretation by changing meanings to meet his own…show more content…
Martin Luther thought that it was necessary to stand up for something he believed to be wrong and needed to be changed. Martin Luther accused the Roman Catholic Church of misrepresenting religion to advance its own gain and not to teach how to live by faith through Jesus Christ. Martin Luther wanted to exercise his freedom of speech and religion; therefore, he launched the Protestant Reformation, which intended to change the beliefs and practices of the Roman Catholic Church and effecting revolutions to follow.
Since the Protestant Reformation, revolutions have happened throughout history producing major changes. Similar to Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation, a political protest by American supporter challenging the British authority initiated the American Revolution. American colonies disagreed with Britain government imposing taxes on them. These American colonies rallied against the British authority by establishing a separate government and fighting a war for
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