My Career Influence Of Being A Veterinarian

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Career Influences
Thirteen years ago, my father gave me a Beagle puppy for my birthday. Now looking back I see that he had his own motives when choosing that breed of dog, because he enjoys rabbit hunting; however, I was just excited that I finally had my very own dog named Spot. From that point on I believed that I wanted to grow up and work with animals for my career. Through elementary, middle school, and high school student fill out hundreds of career papers and every single year I always said I want to be a Veterinarian when I grow up. I want to make that dream come true. I am finally at that point in my life where I can make that happen. My goal is to be a Veterinarian by the age of 26 after attending Southeast Missouri State University
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I prefer to work alone to focus on the task at hand. I have a special love for animals. There are millions of people who fall in love with animals; however, these same people may not be okay with putting pets to sleep, giving them injections, or causing pain in order to clean a wound. I love pets and animals but more importantly I care deeply about their wellbeing. I am mostly interested in outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, working out, spending time with my cat and dog, and being crafty around my house. I am interested in learning more about animals and more about the advancing technology in the medical industry including Veterinary Medicine. I have certain likes and dislikes when it comes to my work place and the people that surround me. I cannot work around super talkative people or people that completely ignore me but there is a good medium. Meaningless conversation just bothers me and I lose concentration. I enjoy people that are ready to work and willing to jump in to help at any point. Organization is a must in any workplace that I am employed in. I like the medical files that are all computerized and easy to find because you know it’s all in one place. Workplaces with uplifting neutral colors that are comfortable and focused would really help everyone stick to their jobs. Most importantly I like working with…show more content…
Ringo was a horse I got from my parents when I was around 13. I was obsessed with horses and just had to have one. My dad grew up on a farm/ranch where he, his dad, and brother all used horses in order to work with their cattle and this lifestyle has always interested me. Furthermore, my cousin has also influenced me to become a Veterinarian because she also has cattle and I enjoyed going to her farm and helping her with show cattle for the county fair. She plans to go into Veterinary Technician so we both planned that I would open a Veterinary Hospital and she would be one of my head Vet Technicians. Then there is my mother, she is the one who has the backbone and the one who drives me to try my hardest and prioritize my life. She pushes me to save all my money in order to succeed for my career and try my hardest to not live in debt. Further influences that I have had throughout my life would be the recent job that I took at a Veterinary Hospital where I walk and clean up after the hospitalized pets and pets that are boarding. Besides doing the lower work I get to sit in on surgery and restrain pets during their vaccinations and nail trims. It is amazing experience and makes me even more motivated to work harder towards my career to be a Veterinarian by age
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