Muzio Clementi: Father of Piano Forte

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Muzio Clementi: The Father of the pianoforte
Muzio Clementi was born on January 24 1752 in Rome,Italy as the eldest of seven. His parents were Nicolo Clementi and Magdalena Kaiser. He was consider to be a child prodigy, at the age of nine he was appointed as an organist and at 12 created an oratorio. Until Clementi was 21, he lived in England with a wealthy Englishman, Sir Peter Beckford to learn the harpsichord, those seven years of his life created the great man he later became. In 1774, Clementi went to London where his talents as a composer and performer were greatly appreciated. In 1780, He began a tour of Europe, during this tour when Clementi visited Vienna, he meet Mozart where they had a friendly duel. Clementi led a life in London where he had the jobs of composer, teacher, virtuoso pianist, conductor, music publisher and piano manufacturer. Clementi had great influence on other composers, especially Beethoven. In 1810, he quit his performing career in favour of composing and manufacturing. Several symphonies were written during this time, they were played at concerts b...
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