Music Censorship

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Music Censorship

Healthy debates have been caused by today's music. Generally, foul language has rapidly increased within modern popular song lyrics, especially among rap and heavy metal artists' songs. An increase in explicit violence and misogyny in popular music lyrics has been recorded. These lyrics have been judged to be inspirations for violent, suicidal, and criminal acts. For example, Mr. Raymond Kuntz referred to his son's incident. ''When his wife went to wake their son for school, they found him dead of a gunshot wound, still wearing his headphones with Marilyn Manson's Anti-Christ Superstar CD still in the player. The boy's favorite song was ''The Reflecting God (Nina Crowley, ''Senate Hearings on Music, Newsgroup at page 2, November 15, 1997).'' However, the artists and producers defend the musical lyrics, and claim that these acts come purely from self-inspiration, not extrinsic influence such as their music. If this were true, then why would 59 % of substance abusers name heavy metal as their favorite type of music? ( Javier Martin, ''Separating Fact from Fiction: Rock Music and Violence'' November 28, 1997, page 2). Most teenagers listen to popular music, and learn from the words of the artists. Therefore, if an artist sets an example of being ''cool'' and performing harmful acts, a listener may reproduce his learned actions. ''Rappers call on their fans to kill, dismember, and smash the heads of teachers, and dumb cops (Peter Viles, ''Bulgaria's racist rap.'' World Press Review June 1996: Page 41).'' The entire world is affected by this reoccurring theme, since adolescents are influenced by music on a daily basis. Although almost everyone is directly affected, some people do not admit to profane music having a personal influence. ''People perceive media content to have greater impact on others than on themselves.'' (Douglas M. McLeod, ''Support for Censorship of Violent and Misogynic Rap Lyrics.'' Communication Research, April 1997: page 153). Naturally, the majority of youth is heavily influenced by music, and needs to be protected from the harm of obscene artists. Due to its negative affects upon society, I believe the government should further restrict music that has been specified as dangerous to the well being of the listeners.

Contrary to many assumptions, modern youth is not protected enough from harmful music, even though ther...

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... new laws to help harmful media reach younger listeners and viewers.

New laws would essentially create a better future for society's youth. They would help prevent children from learning violent acts through example, and keep innocent people from being offended by foul language.

The lyrical content of modern music has had a noticeable affect on the actions of all society. Few limitations have been applied to the availability of these horrid songs, so the ears of young children are still exposed to them. These children do not realize the affect it has upon them. ''People perceive media content to have a greater impact on others than on themselves (McLeod 1).'' Because the nation's youth is being subjected to these types of songs, children and teenagers are committing crimes, drinking alcohol, using drugs, and forming racist or sexist opinions. These actions are learned actions, and are based upon the words written for obscene music. Our country needs to evaluate this music carefully, which can protect our youth from further harm. ''Understanding the nature and extent of the influence of music violence may well be the first step for ensuring a more civil society (Crowley 2).''

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