Anxiety Disorder Essay

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Anxiety: “Now I am wearing this smile I do not believe in! Inside, I feel like screaming!”
Do you feel this way? Anxious and scared ?
What is Anxiety?
Anxiety is an emotion; it is the feeling of fear and uneasiness about some future event or a situation. Anxiety differs from fear as it is not due to a danger in present but a feeling of threat to the future or certain situation soon to arrive in life. It leads to imminent feelings of dread over events. The people facing anxiety have uneasiness, fear in certain situations that makes them withdraw from every place that seems to trigger the same feeling again. Anxiety can be both short term and long term, when experienced frequently; the person can be suffering from Anxiety Disorder. Anxiety disorder can be genetic, withdrawal due to drug use etc.
“Anxiety does not come from
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This is when an individual suffers from extreme, irrational and uncontrolled worries. Certain situations cause feelings of apprehension and negative expectations, it is common for individuals with GAD to envision disaster or expect the worst case scenario, they also tend to worry continuously about everyday issues linked to family, work, finances etc. Headaches, irritability, nausea, breathing difficulties, insomnia, muscle tension/pain and fatigue are a few of the many symptoms caused by GAD.
This is when repeated panic attacks occur, causing incidents of acute anxiety. Panic attacks cannot be foreseen therefore the individual often experiences constant stress and worry over when or where the next episode will occur. These attacks are brought on by unexpected situations, events or objects.They tend not to last as long as the symptoms of generalised anxiety disorder, however the symptoms are usually more extreme.

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