Social Exclusion In Youth And Social Marginalization Of Youth

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Social exclusion is a frequently discussed topic that haunts not only current generations, but also future generations to come. Social exclusion is defined as the marginalization of a group of people from an established social system, its rights, and its privileges as a result of belonging to a minority. Unfortunately, nowadays numerous kinds of social exclusion that target different minorities are prevalent and prey our youth, elderly, homeless, refugees, and many other groups as well. Out of all kinds of social exclusion, however, the marginalization of youth proves to produce the greatest impact on society. Statistics show that out of all youth in the world, only five percent get the chance to pursue higher education. Furthermore, the International…show more content…
Furthermore, they are also considered as “socially excluded” if they are unable to indulge in the political and social aspects in their community as well as being incapable of enjoying and joining recreational and cultural activities. The list further includes those suffering from emotional and psychological distress due to isolation from society. Judging by those characteristics that qualify a group as a minority, it is easy to deduce that the youth are an underprivileged and socially marginalized group nowadays. This issue is quite prevalent and is observed in many events and situations. One of the most recurring forms of social exclusion that adolescent individuals experience, is the tradition of not taking their views, feelings and life experiences sincerely, and thereby devaluating their input and their contribution to society. Moreover, the youth are usually considered of lesser importance and thereby are substantially left…show more content…
It is important to realize that the youth are the future of a country, and more importantly, the future of the world. Solutions to the marginalization of youth have a wide scope on both the individual and governmental level. In order for the government to fix this issue, they may need to readdress the determinants of social inequalities along with inclusive political action. Development of education, training, and providing concrete opportunities for the integration of the youth in the labour market. Furthermore, the inclusion of all citizens of a country, regardless of their status (national/non-national), and fighting discriminatory practices are all solutions that empower the youth and encourage their inclusion in society. Moreover, the government should focus on improving employment prospects for the youth through corporate and national policies, education programs along with training programs adapted to current

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