Mudgett Crime Case Study

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Inventions and Modernizations Effective in Preventing Mudgett’s Crimes Due to today’s advanced inventions and modernizations, Mudgett would not have been able to commit the majority of the crimes he did back in the late 1800’s. Police and investigators today are much more capable of preventing murders and fraud than they were centuries ago, mostly due to modern technology. There are also various modernizations such as laws that have been passed since then that would have proven troublesome for the crimes Mudgett committed. The innovations today including credit checks, safety codes, and insurance audits would likely result in Mudgett’s arrest and prevent the majority of his crimes. If credit checks were in place back in 1800’s Mudgett…show more content…
Because the hotel was designed by Mudgett and not by a professional architect, the construction of the building would be deemed unsafe by inspectors out of pure lack of architectural knowledge; the building would be found to have many hazards to the customers, both intentional and unintentional. His building would have needed to be inspected before it could be used for commercial purposes and would have had a very hard time passing the inspection, thus preventing or at the least delaying it’s opening. The inspectors of the building would have found gas lines running throughout the structure and would have adamantly rejected the commercial use of the building due to its odd safety hazards. Inspectors of the building would also be wary of the surgical tables in an office with no reason behind medical accommodations in a hotel, only deepening their suspicions and increasing the likelihood of disapproving of the building’s commercial use. As if that wasn’t enough to warrant concern; the dynamics of the vault would prove inadequate for glass making purposes, the claimed purpose behind the vault. By the end of the inspection, the building would have a number of safety issues that would have to be resolved before it could be opened and the inspection itself would likely result in contact with the police due to the abnormalities inside the…show more content…
The innovations put in place after the 1800’s were aimed specifically to target loop holes and inhibit negligence, fraud, and murder. Credit checks would have made it impossible for him to have taken out as many loans as he did, and would have warded off those that had lent him furniture in hopes of later payment. If Mudgett could not complete the design of his hotel, it might not have attracted as many victims as it had. He would have also had to deal with safety codes when he tried to open his building for commercial use. And because he didn’t use a professional architect to build his hotel, it was inevitable that there would have been unintentional hazards to the customers that would be found by the inspectors. The inspectors of the building would have also found the gas lines and vault, which would lead to suspicions and ultimately the rejection of the building. Mudgett’s name on multiple life insurance policies would have led the insurance auditors to be wary of him in suspicion of fraud or perhaps worse, murder. The insurance auditors would have reported their findings to the police which would have most likely resulted in Mudgett’s early arrest. If these innovations had been around in the 1800’s, they would have inhibited Mudget from committing the majority of his crimes and probably saved many
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