Ms. Emily's Failure To Accept Change

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A prevailing ethical issue that was explored briefly in this short story was one of change. Ms. Emily’s failure to accept change and her refusal to leave the past in the past, contributed to her lonely and isolated life. There were three defining issues in Ms. Emily’s life that led to her fear of change and the isolation she experienced during her lifetime. The death of Mr. Grierson, the townspeople’s attitude toward her and the time frame in which the story was set, all contributed to Ms. Emily’s unwillingness to change.

Mr. Grierson was very overprotective of his daughter and ran away all the suitors who came to court Ms. Emily. This contributed to Ms. Emily’s inability to have a meaningful relationship with the opposite sex. Her father kept her totally depended on him. She was not allowed to see a healthy and loving relationship with a man, therefore, robbing Ms. Emily of the opportunity to live a normal life. So, when her father died, her future died along with him. She was unable to support herself financially. She was unable to accept her father’s death. She would not even...
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