Compare And Contrast A Good Man Is Hard To Find And A Rose For Emily

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A common theme of southern gothic writer’s such as William Faulkner and Flannery O’Connell is the disparities of social norms and social stratification; this is apparent in both A Good Man is hard to find and A Rose for Emily. Both portray interplay across generations which manifest itself as resistance of change in previous generations. The grandmother in A Good Man is Hard to Find and Emily in A Rose for Emily are largely parallel to one another in respect to the themes of the stories. Through subservient motifs as privilege, nostalgia, and irony the overarching theme of death is effectually portrayed in both A Good Man is Hard to Find and A Rose for Emily. It is said that the only certainties of the world are death and taxes. After the death of Emily’s father, she is acquitted from the obligation of taxes; thus, Emily eludes reality. As the last successor of the Grierson family in the town, Emily connotes the evasion of death. The Grandmother in A Good Man is Hard to Find Also evades reality as Emily does; she does this by achieving grace only once she expended supercilious volitions. While the town saw Emily a…show more content…
Though, the ironies of the Grandmother arise from her own perceptions of her society, while Emily’s arise from the way she is perceived by her own society. Emily’s discord with change is because she does not understand social norms. The Grandmas resentment to change is because she is biased in her memories of the past, thinking that people valued the things that she values more in the past. Emily lived as the last legacy of her family, and with her death so did the antiquated virtues of the Grierson’s prime. It In the moment’s before the Grandmother’s death, she feels genuine compassion for the first time in her life: She finds grace. Portraying the overarching theme of death through unique circumstance and notions, both stories encompass death with chiefly the same
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