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The circumstances regarding the passing of Mr. Ard are unfortunate and were preventable. Patients put their lives in the hands of medical professionals every day expecting the highest level of care possible. This paper will examine the case of Mr. Ard to determine what happened, who was at fault, and how his passing could have been prevented. On May 20th, the patient, Mr. Ard, experienced nausea, shortness of breath, and pain while being treated in the hospital (Pozgar, 2014). The patient’s wife, Mrs. Ard, attempted many times to reach a nurse by pressing the nurse call button (Pozgar, 2014). Once the nurse finally responded, anti-nausea medication was administered (Pozgar, 2014). Mrs. Ard continued to monitor her husband’s situation, and felt as if the nausea and shortness of breath were getting worse (Pozgar, 2014). Mrs. Ard continued to ring the nurse call button for approximately 1.25 hours prior to a response from a nurse (Pozgar, 2014). A code was called, and Mr. Ard did not survive (Pozgar, 2014). Mrs. Ard brought a wrongful death law suit against the hospital (Pozgar, 2014). The original verdict found in favor of Mrs. Ard, but the hospital appealed the court’s ruling (Pozgar, 2014). During the course of the appeal, an investigation of the records showed no documentation, by a nurse; of a visit to Mr. Ard during the time that Mrs. Ard stated she attempted to contact a nurse (Pozgar, 2014). The nurse on duty stated that she did check on Mr. Ard during that time; however, there were no notes in the patient’s chart to backup the claim that Mr. Ard had been checked on (Pozgar, 2014). One expert in nursing, Ms. Krebs, agreed that there was a failure in the treatment of Mr. Ard by the nurse on duty (Pozgar, 2014). ... ... middle of paper ... ...oper tests would have been performed making it obvious to the nurse that Mr. Ard was in need of further medical treatment. Since the nurse was under employment by the hospital, and she was performing standard work duties, then the hospital would also be liable in the medical malpractice suit. In conclusion, the death of Mr. Ard was the result of negligent behavior by the on duty nurse. If the nurse would have followed standard policies and procedures the patient outcome would have been different. This would include being more attentive to the patient’s call button, as well as, performing standard respiratory tests given the patient’s condition. There was also a failure to properly review documentation, and add new notations to patient’s medical chart as needed. In the end, the court of appeals should have found the hospital negligent in the death of Mr. Ard.

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