Movies And Jaws: The History Of Movies

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In the history of movies, there are great movies that come out. Then, filmmakers try to recreate the brilliance of that movie with a sequel, sometimes many sequels. All to make more money with something that is familiar to everyone. It very rarely works as well a second or third time around. Because the films usually completely dumb down the first movie 's premise and drop the important parts, in favor of something a lot simpler. In some cases, there are some exceptions; sometimes the sequel is better than the original. This is my list of the top ten great movies with bad sequels. I hope you enjoy reading this list. 10. "Grease 2"
Both the first and second movies have great songs and dances, but the second movie has a hard time getting around
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The sequels, however, just show how hard it is to do sequels, to anything. 8. "Jaws" The second of two appearances from Spielberg, the original is considered one of the best films ever made, with a Hitchcock like approach to the score (to have the score tell the audience that the shark is coming). It is the film that set the standard for later summer blockbusters. "Jaws: The Revenge" is considered one of the worst films of all time and the third one is only slightly better, with nothing all that great to talk about either film. 7. "Speed"
In "Speed", a smart cop (played by Keanu Reeves) who works with a bus driver (played by Sandra Bullock) to help keep a bus going at speed so it does not set the bomb that has been placed on board, off. The sequel, only Bullock returns, and the story involves a cruise liner. The reason the movie does not work is that it seems too familiar and has too much weak dialogue and not enough characterization to keep things moving. It also, unlike the original, does not have enough exciting action sequences. The sequel could have been good, but no Keanu made it tough; it might have faired better if they had junked a sequel idea and tried to do something
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Michael Myers, in later movies, became a supernatural being that could regenerate body parts and could survive anything. Making it so that you could never kill him, you could really only run away from him. The later movies drop their character development in favor for Michael simply running through and just killing everyone. 4. "A Nightmare on Elm Street"
I feel like with this franchise, they just dumbed the premises and Freddy down to keep people coming back. Most of the sequels use a lot of horror cliches, Freddy says a lot of one liners, and mows down stupid teenagers that are mainly cardboard cutouts. That being said, there are some good sequels; these are all of the movies that Wes Craven had a hand in making (Dream Warriors and New Nightmare). 3. "Caddyshack"
The original film has a lot of things going for it. It has a lot of comedic heavyweights in it, like Ted Knight, Bill Murray, Rodney Dangerfield, Brian Doyle-Murray, and Chevy Chase. The film is a winner with all of its quotable dialogue, great characters, and slapstick humor. In the sequel, only Chevy Chase returned after a lot of pushing on the studio 's part. It was a needless sequel that should not have been made. 2. "The
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