Movie Review: The Film Analysis Of Dear White People

The film, Dear White People, displays a ton of racism with the white students. The film’s plot is based off some actions of the students of University of California, San Diego. The party titled “Compton Cookout” occurred on February 15, 2010 at 1pm from the members of PIKE fraternity. It received enough attention that a movie was created to bring light to the situation. The reason I believed it received the amount of attention it did because it was during black history month, the only month out the year Americans recognizes iconic black people who help build this country, led the civil rights movements, and who gave their lives to make a change in our country’s culture. The party was a spit in the face toward the 1% of UCSD black student body…show more content…
Giving young uneducated adults a chance to be hood, black, tough, wild and drunk at the same time was a risk they were willing to take. After the party Monday night sadly, the madness was not over. Thursday, in UCSD’s Geisel Library a noose was found hanging in clear sight. This was a hateful form of a joke from an unknown UCSD student, who still has not been caught. This was the last straw for most of the black and brown students at UCSD. Depending on which students you ask they would say justice has not been served. According to Julianne Hing, “Students are angry that even though university administrators like Chancellor Mary Anne Fox have been quick to respond in support of Black students on campus, they have also distanced themselves from the Compton Cookout incident. Campus administration initially mentioned that because the Compton Cookout was officially an off-campus event, no further action would be pursued against the perpetrators.” Some students believe that administration was quick to response when they heard about the actions, but still have not jumped to their defense. Since the incident no serious actions have taken place because no one has been suspended. The frats that host the party were brought in for questioning, but everyone denies any
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