Racial Attition, And Ethnic Attrition In Dear White People

Dear White People is a film that depicts the white framework of society that pertains to a prestigious college that is predominantly middle-upper-class, white, students. The film follows the perspective of several African American students as they try to develop themselves towards self-actualization despite the oppressive stereotypes that label and sets parameters of socially acceptable behavior. The film provides a great example of ethnic attrition in the character of Lionel Higgins, as well as using the conflict perspective in connection with racism, and provides examples of both individual discrimination, and institutional discrimination. An early principle the film explores is that of ethnic attrition. Leon-Guerrero defined in her book, “Social Problems: Community, Policy, and Social Action” ethnic attrition as “individuals choosing not to self-identify…show more content…
14). The President of the School and the Dean are having a conversation that shows an example of white privilege and how that benefits white people. The President proclaims, “racism is over in America, the only people that are thinking about it are, you know, Mexicans probably.” The President is not aware of the discrimination happening around him because it is not directed toward him. Later on the film explains that both the President and Dean attended the same school, and graduated around the same time. The Dean was top of his class, and the President just passed. This shows how racism has been institutionalized in larger systems than just the school. When explaining the difference of the two jobs to Troy, the dean said that the pay was a few hundred thousand dollars different. This system will continue to benefit those members who hold power because they will also pass down the sociological white

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