Comparing The Film 'Crimes And Misdemeanors'

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Crimes and misdemeanors
Woody Allen’s “Crimes and Misdemeanors” interlaces two stories. Mr. Allen established the two themes of the movie in which he explores the importance of God and the indisputable need in this world to be loved. In a better sense, the movie examines how the decisions that individuals make determine their moral universe. In the film “Crimes and Misdemeanors” Judah Rosenthal, the protagonist, is a successful wealthy and affluent man that works as an ophthalmologist in New York City. In his perfect life, there are also inescapable problems that came across throughout his splendid life such as his past dark secret that he carried with his affair named Dolores Paley, a flight attendant who is uncontrollably in love and obsessed …show more content…

For cliff, his unfortunate search for love ends in a very depressing way. The woman he though he loved, learned to love someone else. The person he despises the most; Lester, ended up stealing what he thought one day it was his. Just as professor Levy explains in the movie; happiness does not seem to be in the world’s plans. The universe is too cold; we need love. While Clifford’s actions of affection towards Halley produced him some awkward moments, he knows that it’s really up to him to make happiness exist. Even though, he tried to convince her to stay in his life, she chose her path, which was to look for better opportunities in the exterior. Lester won the race against cliff easily. Consequently, The despised Lester gets the girl and will possible make her happy, or at least rich. The triumphant and wealthy Lester was smarter and brighter than cliff. On the other hand, for Judah, his performance is a masterpiece of smooth. He didn’t get caught, everything went well and he finds that his life goes on. “We define ourselves by the choices we have made.” Even when Judah realized that he’s not doing the right thing, having someone else murder a Dolores; he doesn’t do anything to stop it. At the end, he just realizes that he can live with

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