Motivation behind Choosing a Career Direction

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The society has established the way an individual chooses their career path. Selecting a career is a big opportunity, set forth to help people. Each person has worked or still is working through the ranks of education. People focus on the obstacle of college, and the choice to graduate with a degree in a particular field of study. Careers do not just occur overnight, it requires time. People have planned out their career path since the beginning. To them it is really important because it determines the career they would like to pursue later in life. In that respect, is consistently a question that comes up when selecting a career tasks. For example, what ways do individuals' backgrounds play a part in their career decisions? Or why standards and values are set forth on individuals choosing a certain career. Therefore, individuals begin to change their career direction throughout life? Which leads to the question? What choices motivate individuals to choose a particular direction in their career? There is plenty of motivation behind individuals choosing a career direction. One motivation is the influences of people from different walks of life. Some people following, in the footsteps of other individuals who made an impact in their lives? For example, most people follow in the footsteps of family, friends, teachers, or even particular role models like celebrities. “Although students may use campus career center programs and services, their career decision-making processes can be influenced by a variety of people and experiences, in and out of class, on and off campus (Brown 375)”. That is why family is one of the greatest motivations in a person life when they choose a profession. I. Background Family stays consistent in ... ... middle of paper ... ...is_path_may_lead.pdf>. -Burton, Kelli. “A Study of Motivation: How to Get Your Employees Moving.” Diss. School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) at Indiana University, 2012. Web. - Lazarus, Dr Kelechi U., and Dr Chinwe Ihuoma. "The Role Of Guidance Counsellors In The Career Development Of Adolescents And Young Adults With Special Needs." British Journal of Arts and Social Sciences. 2.1 (2011): 51-62. Web. 3 Apr. 2014. . - Clark, R. E. (2003) Fostering the Work Motivation of Individuals and Teams. Performance Improvement, 42(3):1-13. http://www. -Friedman, Thomas L... "The New York Times." Need a Job? Invent It. N.p., March 30, 2013. Web. 3 Apr 2014. .
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