Moses And John The Baptist

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In this paper I will proceed to compare and contrast two biblical figures. The two figures I chose are Moses and John The Baptist. I selected these two important figured because I believe that their stories both shaped and influenced Christianity greatly. I chose Moses because he is one of the first characters introduced. He played an important role in freeing the Israelites from slavery and introducing the ten commandments. I chose John The Baptist because he is one of the best-known people of The Bible. He played a unique role in what, and Who, was to come, or as many know it as the messiah.

Moses’s story began in Exodus. Moses was one of the first Prophets of God. He led the Israelites to exile from slavery of the Egyptian empire. Moses was born during a time where the pharaoh commanded his people to kill all Israelite new born boys by throwing them in the Nile River, in fear that the Israelites were growing numerously. He was afraid that they would become too powerful and overthrow his empire.

When Moses was born, his mother decided to hide him for three months. Eventually she could no longer hide him. So she put him in a woven basket and placed the basket on the bank of the Nile River. Soon after, the pharaoh’s daughter came to the river to take a bath. She spots the basket and sends one of her slaves to go and get it and bring it back to her. When she opened the basket she saw baby Moses crying. She immediately knew that he was a Hebrew baby, yet she felt sorry for him and wanted to raise him. Moses’s older sister, who had been watching from a distance, ran over and asked if she wanted her to go find a Hebrew woman that could nurse the infant. The pharaoh’s daughter approves her offer, so she went to get h...

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...gave sermons about the closeness of God's Final Judgment. He asked people to repent for their sins and he baptized those who apologized in self-preparation for “judgement day”. According to the Scriptures, John was the only person who recognized Jesus as the Messiah of the people. At about the age of thirt John started to preach on the banks of the river Jordan. He preached against the evils of the time and attracted men to penance and baptism. His only message to people was to repent, because of the coming of the Messiah. John was named the baptist due to the many people that he baptized. According to the Holy Scriptures, Christ also turned to John to become baptized. While baptising Jesus John instantly recognized the Lord and proclaimed him to be the Messiah. Jesus’s baptism the beginning of Jesus' ministry. In turn, John inspired his followers to follow Christ.
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