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Moses’ Affection April Morning, by Howard Fast, is a novel that depicts what it was like for a 15 year old boy, Adam Cooper, fighting in the Revolutionary War in Lexington. His struggles began with his father, who is the antagonist, Moses Cooper. Moses Cooper is a character who is strict, strong-willed, and loving. Moses was a major character in the fact that he was the reason his son, Adam, became the man that he had become. “If just once in all my born days you’d say a good thing to me” (Fast 3), Moses stated. Moses wanted Adam to be raised the way that Moses was raised and respect it. Adam did not like how strict his father was to him and did not want to be raised like he was. “Maybe it’s time I just went and did something without my father” …show more content…

He was a leader in Lexington and a dynamic character in this novel. Moses made it clear that he did not want any accidents or casualties in his community. Ironically he was one of the first casualties in the war. Moses stated, “Strong feelings demand strong words.” (Fast 31) He was passionate about his religion and about the kind of man he wanted to be. The love Moses showed was tough for Adam to understand. Moses was a very strict parent but only because he loved his family so much and wanted them to respect him and their mother. Moses questioned, “How could any man love a son more than I love that boy?” (Fast 45). Moses loved Adam deeply and did not want him to join the army. He did not think it was the Christian thing to do but realized he needed to respect Adam’s decision to start becoming a man. Moses wanted the rest of his family to know that he loved Adam as well. He stated, “You know how much he means to me.” (Fast 46) Moses’ strong-will, strictness, and love towards Adam and the rest of his family made him the person he was. This story showed how much a war can do in 24 hours. I believe that Moses died assured that his son could take over and be the man of the family. Moses would have been proud of the way that Adam responded to what had all happened that

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  • Analyzes how howard fast's moses' affection depicts what it was like for a 15-year-old boy, adam cooper, fighting in the revolutionary war in lexington.
  • Analyzes how moses' strong-will represents his feelings toward his family and community. he was a leader in lexington, and was one of the first casualties in the war.
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