Modernity In Modern Western Civilization

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Modern Western Civilization
European Enlightenment period often marks the start of modernity. Modernity refers to a phenomena and an age linked to a wide array of associated process such as the introduction of secular and nation-state government, the rise of capitalism, gender and race base differences, rise of classes. The basic assumption of modernity is that man with science and technology was able to understand and influence the world. However, the dark side of the desire of modern for progress and improvement is a tendency towards exclusion and categorization. The phrase genocide was not in existence before the 20th century. According to Hinton(6) similar to Genocides concepts such as human rights, race
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As a result, Holocaust amongst other genocides is usually interpreted as a breakdown of the social order. Similarly, the Rwandan genocides are perceived to be an outbreak of the hatred amid the two fighting ethnic groups. According to Freeman (207) it is the role of the social institution to produce and uphold moral behavior. The lack of these institutions would lead to the entire community being depicted by war and chaos. Through this view, the contemporary society is both moralizing and humanizing device. The immoral behavior that leads to violence and war is thought to be an impact of the malfunctioning of the normal and the established social process. Modernity and civilization brought with it the regulation of violence and wars and to prevent unnecessary losses of human life and to safeguard the populace. As a result, Holocaust leads to a reversion of the society to one that was barbaric. Some of the researchers in reference to holocaust refer to it as an event that was abnormal linked to pre-modern and ancient hatred. Others argue that it was an abnormal event sprung from the violent human nature; As such trying to hide the concept of modernity. However, modernity has in fact been a core prerequisite for the Holocaust. Modernity and modern values, institutions, values enabled…show more content…
The Nazi mass murder was not only the technological attainment of a society that was becoming industrial but the organization attainment of a bureaucratic society (Bauman, 32). Modernity has also seen an improvement in technology. Technology in recent decades has implied that it was possible for one nation to make use of the murder methods that distance the victim from the killers. Techniques were often sought to help reduce the physical proximity amid the victims and the perpetrator. The introduction of the gas chambers reduced the role of the killer to being named as the sanitation officer. As such the modern bureaucracy has served an integral role in facilitating holocaust. Nonetheless, bureaucracy alone does not lead to the start of the genocide. For bureaucracy to lead to the holocaust, it required interconnecting with another significant aspect of modernity named as the racism ideology. The source of race as an as scientific notion is a modern occurrence established during the Europen 19th century as the Darwinian thought of evolution and was applied to account for the differences between the societies. As such, Racism is an ideology that cannot exist without the modern science and the prevailing notion of progress. However, modernity not only enabled racism but required racism. With the start of the equality one of the Enlightenment ideals, the race,
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