Mno2o2 Lab Report

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Conclusion Discussion Questions The MnO2 was used as a controlled tube to show the reaction with just deionized water and MnO2. This tube is also able to be used as a comparison with other tubes in which MnO2 is used. MnO2 catalyzed the breakdown of H2O2 in Test 4. This is shown by the release of bubbles from the H2O2. The enzyme sped up the reaction of H2O2 and that allowed the H2O to remain while the O2 was released as bubbles. After the enzyme was used, it stayed on top of the remaining H2O in a form of black powder. To confirm this evidence, weigh an amount of MnO2 and H2O2 by themselves. After that, drop the MnO2 into a test tube with the H2O2. Boil the test tube to allow the water to evaporate and the gas to naturally exit. Only MnO2 …show more content…

This is because of the decomposition reaction that occurs when H2O2 is catalysed. It will produce H2O and O2 due to them being the two atoms that together, make H2O2. The products that H2O2 produces can be shown through the different experiments that were tested. For example, when liver was added to H2O2 in test 6, there was an intensity reaction that caused a lot of bubbles to overflow. The only substances remaining was the liver and H2O. However, there is another way to prove this. By testing the gas pressure in a test tube, using a gas pressure machine, it is possible to test the amount of gas after an enzyme catalysing. For example, test the liver and H2O2 again with the gas pressure machine. The results will show the intensity of the reaction and the amount of gas exiting. Enzymes that are found in the liver caused the intense bubbling in tests 6 and 7. The enzymes catalysed the H2O2, it was decomposed into O2 (cause of the bubbles) and H2O (remained after the …show more content…

Lipase is produced in the mouth, pancreas and stomach. Although most people do not require lipase, it is required for some diseases and some types of people. For example, celiac disease requires people to live with a gluten-free diet. Lipase is said to help cure this disease. Even though it helps in little ways, it is still something that will be required by people who suffer from celiac disease. Another example is cystic fibrosis, the people who suffer from this require lipase to help them gain extra nutrients from their food into their

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