Mixed Market Economy Essay

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Introduction In this essay I will be discussing the features of Scotland’s mixed market economy, describing four aspects of the Scottish economy; Tourism, unemployment, growth and the NHS. Scotland’s mixed market economy Scotland’s economy is mixed market, which is where production is shared between both the private and public sector. The private sector is the part of the economy that is not controlled by the government, and is instead run by individuals and companies for profit. It consists of the businesses that are for profit, and are not owned / operated by the government whereas the public sector is the part of the economy that is controlled by the government, such as the police, primary education, public transit, healthcare etc, as well as services that benefit all of society, such as public education. Tourism In the year of 2012, there were almost fifteen million overnight tourist trips taken in Scotland, which resulted in £4.3 billion in visitor expenditure. This shows that tourism really helps the Scottish economy as over one hundred and forty million tourist day trips w...

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