Missing costs and Benefits in Private building Projects

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Nature of the problem This study deals with the missing costs and benefits in private housing projects. Clearly private projects concentrates on monetary costs and benefits; while there are social ones beyond that. Importance and Aim: Significance of the study comes from that private projects contribute a lot for building industry; and these projects do ignore social cost-benefit analysis. Thus, aim of this study is to identify these missing costs and benefits , and to propose suggestions for betterment. Methodology: Methods used for conducting this study are as follows: Reviewing literature about the (cooperative housing projects) of Jordanian Engineers Association (JEA), and studying different opinions of different writers about the topic. Choosing a case study, it is one of the Jordanian Engineers Association projects. Then studying and identifying the missed costs and benefits in this case study. Introduction: Cooperative housing projects are private projects, because they fulfill all basic needs of private projects, which are: it can be reasonably analyzed and evaluated as an independent unit. The series of these projects were introduced by the (JEA) in …………. , (JEA) take the responsibility to ensure the following works: Electricity. Water supply. Earthwork and pavements of roads within each project. And Sewerage lines. (If possible) Finance and Resources: Finance of these housing projects depends on customers who are members of the (JEA).They are from middle-income class, with much limits in finance. In these projects, there are two costs, namely: internal and external; The internal costs are the responsibility of users, who have to bear all of them; they include building construction, footways, fees for building permi... ... middle of paper ... ...rom the market rate of interest. The shadow prices reflect better real costs and benefits to society than do actual prices; some consider them UN real, because they do not reflect current prices, but they match more closely to realities. Types of costs that are to be beard by users Cooperative schemes deals with different types of costs. Some of them are: Cost of land is the main cost considered by the people; the cost forced them to buy a land which is little far away from the city. Works Cited Little, I. M. D. and Mirrlees, J, Project Appraisal and Planning for Developing Countries, ( 1977 ), Heiniman Educational Books, London, P.3 Stone, P. A. ( 1975 ), Building Design Evaluation, Cost-in-use, ESFN, SPON, London, p.10 Little, I. M. D. and Mirrlees, J, Project Appraisal and Planning for Developing Countries, p.11 Ibid. p.32 Ibid. p.36
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