Misconception Of Happiness

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Unhappiness within a Smile
Happiness… It could be said that there is no one in this whole wide world who does not want to be happy. We live every single day in hope to find happiness, which also known as pursuit of happiness. We strive to bring happiness in our life. Nonetheless, along the journey to find happiness, some people stumble and find themselves unhappy instead. One might question why, but actually we all have different value and understanding to describe happiness. Therefore, we have our own unique approach to pursue happiness and there is no telling to the exact cause of our wrongs and errors in the process. What might have been the cause, which most people hardly notice, is their perception of happiness. There are three most common
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One misconception of happiness is that some people think in order to be happy they need to live a perfect life. Well, there is no such thing as perfect since every one’s definition of perfect is different. But perfect life here implies to one’s ideal life or to be accepted by most people and make mistakes as little as possible. It might sound like a nonsense, but there are some people out there believe perfect life will make one happy. Of course, to live one’s perfect life is not an easy thing to achieve as it also puts enormous pressure in one’s life, although in some rare cases it could be turned into a motivation. Those pressures to be perfect, which at the same time also to be happy, become the seeds of unhappiness. My best friend has been living in that kind of life even until now. She believes to meet people’s expectations and to make only few blunders in life eventually will make her happy. Thus, she keeps putting a smile on her face and do what people expect her to do, especially her parents who expect her to be as brilliant as her brother. To be honest, I always find it…show more content…
Mauss et al. (2011) argue that striving for happiness can make one’s lonely and conducted a research with this hypothesis. The result of their study is, the more we value happiness, the more we feel lonely due to feelings of disappointment for not being happy. Hence, the desire to be happy unexpectedly will bring unhappiness. The more people want to find happiness and bring it to their life, the more they lose the purpose of being happy itself. Happiness is not something to be found out there because it is all coming from inside, from people’s mind and cognition. I believe we do not live to find happiness, but instead, we create one in each moment of our life. How? Just being content and grateful for the smallest element of this life every day, it will make you happy just enough. With just a small happiness each day, it will eventually bring constant happiness to one’s life. Happiness is not a goal, but instead it is a way of
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