Mirabeau B Lamar Research Paper

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Mirabeau B.Lamar, president of the Republic of Texas, was born near Louisville, Georgia, on August 16, 1798. He grew up at Fairfield, his father's plantation near Milledgeville.As a little boy he became an expert horseman and an accomplished fencer, began writing verse, and painted in oils. He married Tabitha Jordan of Twiggs County, Georgia, on January 1, 1826, and soon resigned his secretaryship to nurse his bride, who was ill with tuberculosis. In 1828 he moved his wife and daughter, Rebecca Ann, to the new town of Columbus, Georgia. Lamar was elected state senator in 1829 and was a candidate for reelection when his wife died on August 20, 1830. He left from the race and traveled until he was sufficiently recovered. During this time he collected two of his best poems, "At Evening on the Banks of the Chattahoochee" and "Thou Idol of My Soul." He ran unsuccessfully for Congress in 1832, helped organize…show more content…
He spent most of the year 1837 in Georgia being feted as a hero and publicizing the new republic. Upon his return to Texas, he organized the Philosophical Society of Texas on December 5, 1837, and found that his campaign for the presidency of Texas was already under way, sponsored by opponents of President Sam Houston, who by law could not succeed himself. At his inauguration on December 10, 1838, Lamar declared the purposes of his administration to be promoting the wealth, talent, and enterprises of the country and laying the foundations of higher institutions for moral and mental culture. Sam Houston matters to Texas because he received the two cannons named Twin Sisters at the plantation just a few days before the Battle of San Jacinto, and was a Great leader, war hero, and one of the founding fathers of Texas.Sam Houston Joined the military and eventually served as a governor of
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