Military Wives At Home Moms

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Military wives Military wives are perceived as stay at home moms that sit at home all day and take care of the kids. My views on the wives of soldiers is that they are pretty much single parents while their husbands are deployed. The wives are expected to keep the house up and running by doing the housework, cooking, cleaning and caring for the children. People on the outside looking in may think that all of the wives are unemployed and living off of their husbands. The wives are forced to deal with all the duties that, are they are supposed to share as a couple. In situations like this the wife may feel extremely overwhelmed, but the additional workload along with the work that she was doing before their husband was deployed. The conduction of this research paper is to expose how the families of soldiers cope with their loved ones being deployed and the duties that the wives acquire while they’re gone. Thoughts of the wife being emotionally and physically stress out might not occur to many people because they may think that the wives should be accustomed to the soldiers being deployed because it happens all the time. However, I think that no matter how many times a soldier is deployed the situation never becomes easier, it only grows harder for them to leave their family behind. It’s almost like they are starting their family over every time because they have to readjust to civilian life all over again. Wives are left to help their children cope when their fathers are deployed. My outlook on the wives of deployed soldiers are that they are in a way single mothers while their husbands are gone. The wives workload that would normally be shared between husband and wife are the wife’s duties that she has to complete. When tryin... ... middle of paper ... ...better than being sad and emotional all the time. Some wives didn’t have children or hobbies so they had to pick up some to past the time and volunteer to keep busy especially if they are far away from their family. While other’s had to find something to occupy their time to keep their minds from wondering other wives had incredibly busy schedules to attend to since the no long have that other person there to share it with. The best advice given was to trying not to worry too much and to find something to keep you busy. An idle mind has a lot of time to worry so stay busy and around family and loved ones. Whether it’s finding a job, being with friends and family members, staying busy, and keeping up with the children all are ways of coping with their loved ones being gone and ways to help with the newly acquired duties of a Soldier’s Wife.

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