Mike Rose's Essay "I Just Wanna Be Average" Discusses Empowering Students

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A culture myth is a fairy-tale or set of beliefs. A cultural myth refers to the set of beliefs and stories that characterize a given culture. Empowerment is the procedure of increasing the capability of groups or individuals to make decisions and to convert those choices into most wanted action and outcomes.Empowerment is that it is the degree to which people acquire control over matters that are of importance to them. When individuals are empowered, however, they can manipulate choices that shape their own lives and potentially the lives of others. In the essay "I Just Wanna Be Average", the author Mike Rose was empowered by finding the responsibilities meaningful, see them as comparatively competent and able to do those tasks, and trust that their participation in those tasks would make an impact in some way. Mike Rose also disempowered by the low-knoeleage family and teachers who taught him nothing besides survive. Mike Rose argues that society very often neglects and does not see the full value and potential of students in his essay. "The error went undetected, and I remained on the vocational track for two years. What a place."(Rose) He mentioned that he was seated in vocational school and put him in the bottom level classes by accident, but he did not argue with that and keep stay in that class. Education empowers student through creating a sense of possession over learning. This happens when the students are given the power to make decisions in an area of the curriculum. Another reason occurs this because of Rose is from immigrant and working-class family. His parents apparently are uneducated themselves, unfamilair with the intricacies of the school system. Rose lists that:"The other Rose apparently didn't do very well... ... middle of paper ... ...tion as the teacher worked with them, for example, he analyzed poems with them, and gave those reading sections, making a possibly difficult book accessible by his explanations. Rose was empowered by his language teacher. The teacher teaches his some "real things" instead of just waste of time. Mike Rose is both empowered and disempowered in this study time at the vocational track. He disempowered by unmotivated teachers and he empowered through involvement in various activities. School system is not supposed to be designed by social classes, even though students success or not depends on themselves. People spend one over three of them lives in school, and which school they attend are like the life they are going to be in the future. Maybe just because of Mike Rose studied in an environment like vocational track making his become a great person in future.

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