Herbert Marcuse: The Theory Of Empowerment Theory

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The theory of empowerment is the way the status quo can successfully be transformed. According to this theory societies wanting to change the status quo will experience three different steps. The first step in the process is forming a normative goal; this is simply what you want to change to. The normative goal is what the goal of politics should be. Those who wish to change the status quo should have a normative goal know what they are seeking from the new system. The second step needed in the process is creating a method of action; this is the process which needs to take place in order to change status quo. This is necessary ensure people are able and willing to take action necessary; they must believe the goal and method is possible before…show more content…
Marcuse’s concepts of Reason, Freedom, and Happiness constitute the normative goal of theory of empowerment. Marcuse discusses how the sphere of technology should be allowing people to have more free time for pleasure since less labor is needed to produce society’s fundamental needs sine technology has advanced so drastically. Meaning that basic repression, or the minimum level of labor needed to produce the required societal needs should be dramatically less than the labor required one hundred, fifty, or even twenty years ago. Despite this, the elite continue to demand the same level of labor that was needed 50 years ago leading to surplus repression. Surplus repression is the libido energy that is absorbed by society in the interests of domination. One reason this is required is because society encourages consumerism; one’s status based on material goods we purchase. This desire to prove ourselves by the things we buy ultimately creates a “need” for the additional labor while simultaneously distracting people from addressing the unequal power dynamic in…show more content…
His works focuses on the awakening of consciousness in people as a way to empower people to believe they deserve change and can achieve it. Freire argues that the development of critical awareness is essential in order for transformational politics to take place in society. He discusses how in order to facilitate in the development of critical awareness of the oppressed, that the oppressed must acknowledge that they are indeed oppressed. This is done through the praxis method, a process where the oppressed has discussion about their lives, realities, and norms with a facilitator. After the discussion with the facilitator they reflect on their experiences and recognized the oppression they’ve experienced. They are now aware of the unequal power dynamics they’ve experience, and can action to change the system of

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