Michael Jackson In The 20th Century

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In the 20th century, various genres of music were prevalent and gained influence as well a vast following, especially in the United States. These included, but are not limited to Electronic, Jazz, Rock, Soul, Blues, Hip-Hop and plenty more. Many of these musical styles had developed and innovated across the world throughout the 19th and the early 20th century, due to social events and circumstances. Blues, specifically, was a music genre derived from enslaved African Americans who grew up in the Mississippi area, just upriver from New Orleans. The bond of slavery brought these African Americans along with their background musical culture to the United States. Traditional African spirituals, chants, work songs, shouts and much more developed into the music genre that would eventually become largely popular in the 20th century. Essentially 100 years after the end of slavery, in 1964, the Jackson family decided they would put their talents to use. 5 African-American siblings formed the group we know today as the Jackson 5. This band starred Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, complete with a 5 year old Michael Jackson. As the youngest band member, Michael grew up with an excellent background which consisted of energetic music, allowing him to quickly rise to prominence. In 1970’s the Jackson 5 made history by having their first four singles reach number one on the Billboard. 200 years from now, historians will identify Michael Jackson as the most significant musician from the 20th century. Michael was a singer, songwriter and a dancer. He was known as the most influential pop star from the 20th century, which gained him the moniker “King Of Pop”. His music was dominant across the country, across all demographics. As a musician, I consid... ... middle of paper ... ...chael Jackson, as he is still relevant some 9 years after his death, and will be spoken of for many years after. In the early 1980s, Ethiopia, my birthplace and beloved nation, faced a grave famine. Being the humanitarian and loving man that he is, Michael Jackson organized a team, filled with the most previously significant figures of the 20th century, and composed the We Are The World project, in order to raise money for the starving nation. This especially important to me, because, both of my parents, who were of fair age at the time of the crisis, could have easily perished in the hands of disaster. Michael, a kind example of loving humanity, was truly for the people of the world. He recognized beauty in every face, not only African Americans, and despite facing immense hate and scrutiny throughout his life, his love prevailed. This is why he is most significant.
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