Michael Jackson Influence

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Michael Joseph Jackson was and still is seen as the biggest popstar of the 20th century and is also considered the most popular recording artist of all time. A person could identify his voice as soon as they heard it. He had incredible dance moves, musical adaptability, and had a great deal of star power. Jackson was born August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana to Katherine Jackson and Joseph Jackson who was a guitarist but had to put his musical ambitions to the side to care for his large family. Michael was a part of a group known as the Jackson 5 just at the age of five, which was made up of four of his older brothers. Their father believing they had talent, would soon lead them to fame. While still being a part of the Jackson 5 group, at the…show more content…
Since Michael could not read or write music very well, his method of songwriting was coming up with everything in his head. “But just as Mozart could hear whole symphonies in his head, Jackson fully realized his songs before they were put down on paper” (Jones). Just as Mozart could write music off of the top of his head, Michael could do the same thing. His music hasn’t essentially evolved over time but he was influential on other musical artists. “Like Elvis and Bob Dylan before him, Jackson reshaped pop culture in ways that are hard to comprehend. Jackson influenced just about every musician who came after him in one way or another. He was unavoidable” (Rosen). If a musician, especially a pop artist, were not inspired by Michael, then it would be an…show more content…
He has had many sold out tour concerts and many sold out tickets. “Tickets for Michael Jackson 's 50 "final curtain call" concerts in London sold out in little over four hours Friday” (CNN). London is just one of many countries that had sold out where he would perform. Just before he died, he was supposed to be making a comeback tour titled “This Is It” but sadly he could not achieve this goal. This was going to be a world tour that would originally include fifty shows but he added on twenty more shows because of high demand of ticket sales. The concert sold over one million tickets but Ticketmaster was having technical difficulties due to high traffic
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