Mexico and Its Politics

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Mexico is a country that is led by a federation government which is democratic, representative, and republican based on presidential system since Constitution of 1917. The constitution has government in three levels: federal Union, state, and municipal governments. Officials at three levels are elected by voters. Mexico is fifth largest country in Americas and most populous country in world that speaks Spanish. Mexico is currently in a transformation to help the country grow both economically and politically with the current president taking extreme steps to move ahead. Mexico politics take framework of presidential representative whose government that is based on congressional system. The country has the president as head of both state and government, and multi-party system. The government represents Mexico and divided by three branches that are: executive, legislative and judicial. Currently the president of Mexico is Enrique Pena Nieto that is trying to transform Mexico for a better future. The paper, New Internationalist, expressed doubt because he comes from the Inst...
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