Mexican Americans During World War II

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What Mexican Americans did during World War II
World war II was one of the deadliest war in history that associated with at least 30 countries and estimate at least 85 million deaths. This war went on for six fatal years until Allies defeated Germany and Japan in 1945. Many as 500,000 Latinos and Mexican-Americans served in World War II, which impacted many of them in the United States. Mexican-Americans were drafted or volunteered for the military services. Many risked their life wanting to protect our freedom. For Mexican Americans, they faced many challenges during this war but shows how soldiers contribute, women contribute, what the bracero program did and the effects after the war.
Mexican Americans have been racialized thought out the United States history which did limit their involvement in society. They would live under ethnic tension, segregated communities and schools. In PBS article Fighting for Democracy, explains that multiple Mexican Americans and Latinos volunteered for the military. They were subsuming into the military population, but the armed forces didn’t keep count of their enlistment so it’s hard to say and an exact number of Latinos who served. They provided courage and devotion in battle.
“I know I’m a Mexican, but I know that I was born and raised here and I consider myself strictly American. And anybody asks me what’s my nationality---I’m a Mexican, but I’m still and American. And I’ll Fight for America and regardless of who its is.” (Pete Arias)
This shows that Pete considered himself Mexican American and that he is willing to fight and protect the people in his country. It also shows that he is willing to take dangerous a job. Bill Lansford also says that Mexicans and Latinos no matter the reason, t...

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...ght them that they were given the same opportunities as whites in the military. The women wanted to also be recognized for their hard work in the military and for traditional male labor jobs. If it weren’t for the women, many bombs, ammunition even tanks wouldn’t have been made or even ran out. Thus the bracero program brought many Mexicans to the United States for work and was paid a low wage. Many struggled with the low wage and horrible living conditions; when their contract was up, many were forced to go back to Mexico. After the war, Many Mexican Americans were discriminated and weren’t respected for the service they put themselves through in order to protect our freedom. Many people have forgotten what the men, women, and programs within WWII did for the United States, and now they are fully remembered on how many of them fought for the future we live in today.
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