Chicanismo in Burciaga´s Drink Cultura

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1172 words

In the book Drink Cultura by Jose Antonio Burciaga talks about how it is not easy to get into one place and get anything you want in this world or something you wish for, but it’s something you have to work for, like any other person. It also explains how it is being an immigrant, and how it is to grow up in the United States as in immigrant and how had it is, and the obstacles that as in immigrant we have to overcome. Antonio Burciaga specifically talks in his book the Chicano history, the language that we speak as a person, the family values and how we as a Chicano stick together. One quote of Burciaga is “Naces pendejo, mueres pendejo --- You were born a pendejo and you will die a pendejo (Burciaga10)”. This particular quote caught my attention because the author gives you a taste of what he experienced, and what kind of language they used. “When the wells of emotion are filled only by resentment, a crying sense of injustice, racist, affronts, deliberately designed frustrations to personal development and social worthiness (Burciaga131)”. This quote talks about how we as Chicanos have the motivation by bringing in our passion from the past, but as soon as someone brings that wall down of us having that one positive outcome, we can go into a lot of resentment towards other people, and think to ourselves at some point that we are worthiness. In chapter “The Motherland” the author talks about the pride people take about being Latinos, he talks about being back in Mexico and how it’s all so different once you’ve lived on the other side, a quote that gives you a mental picture would be “Many white Euro-Mexican will shrug their shoulders, declare they are 100 percent Mexican do not partition or categorize their ancestry. On the contr... ... middle of paper ... ...ll of our lives. We got to change it up a bit, “time for change”. Works Cited Anti-defamation League. “Arizona: The Key Players in the Anti-immigrant Movement.” 2013. Web. 19 Oct 2013. Arizona. House of Representatives. House Bill 2281. Forty-ninth Legislature, Second Regular Session. 2010. Archibold, Randal. “Arizona Enacts Stringent Law on Immigration.” 23 April 2010. The New York Times. Web. 19 Oct. 2013. Horne, Tom. “An Open Letter to the Citizens of Tucson.” 11 June 2007. Print. “Proposed Amici Curiae Brief of the National Association of Chicana & Chicano Studies, et al.” Acosta v. Huppenthal. Case No. CV-10-623-TUC-AWT. (United States District Court for the District of Arizona 2012). Burciaga, Jose Antonio. Drink Cultura; Chicanismo. 1993. Cooper, Anderson, dir. "Arizona's New Controversy." Anderson Cooper 360 degrees. 12 05

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how antonio burciaga's book, "drink cultura", explains the challenges of being an immigrant in the united states.
  • Opines that their book does not promote the overthrow of the united states government nor does it promote resentment toward a race or class of people.
  • Opines that hb2281 is an unjust law because it violates fourteenth and first amendment constitutional protections for students and teachers.
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