Methodist Churches around the World

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There are various religions around the world, they all have their own types of music, and they are spread throughout the world. Some similar, some drastically different. The religions that I have looked at for this study all have similar characteristics. Yet different the United Methodist, African Methodist Episcopal Church, and Judaism all have ideals in common but throughout their histories have changed and turned into their own separate churches or synagogues with their own ways of worship. That is why I wonder what causes members of these religions to join these ways of worship. The Methodist Church was created in 1787 by John Wesley in England. The Methodist denomination is a branch of the Protestant religions. When creating the Methodist Church John Wesley was not intending on creating a new denomination because he was a part of the English Church. But he was trying to create a revitalization within the English church with small group meetings for bible study and encouragement in the beliefs. Methodist preachers were always on the move to spread their beliefs with the people. “Wesley is estimated to have travelled more than 250,000 miles by horseback, and to have averaged fifteen sermons per week during his career.”(Vial #2) The practice of travelling and preaching caused the spread of The Methodist Church, that’s why there is 70 million people in 161 countries now that claim the Methodist denomination. In 1771 Wesley started to send preachers to America but at the time they were still British colonies. Because the people of America might have not wanted to join an English church Wesley allowed the Americans to create their own church. That was the start of the United Methodist Church. The African Meth...

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