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Literature Review
According to the literature in very general and literal terms metadata is information about information. A more precise definition of metadata is “structured data about resources that can be used to help support a wide range of operations” (Day, 2011) While the term metadata is usually attributed to the digital environment some authors such as Jia Liu argue that the practice of utilizing metadata has roots further than the typical application allows. In the text Metadata and Its Applications in the Digital Library: Approaches and Practices Liu writes “…no one can deny that the philosophy behind metadata has existed for a very long time. The bibliographic records for the documents carved on the clay tablets in the library of Assurbanipal in the seventh century BC are metadata. “ (Liu, 2007)
Despite the origins of metadata it has become common in the majority of academic libraries to apply metadata practices while cataloging electronic and digital resources. A study conducted by Laurie Lopatin on the metadata behaviors of academic and non-academic libraries showed that a 38% majority of academic libraries have been using metadata as part of their daily workflow for five to eight years while some academic libraries have been participating in metadata practices for as long as seventeen to twenty years.
Metadata has many functions which help facilitate the use of resources within the library’s collection. The function of metadata help summarize the meaning of the data, retrieve and use copies of the data, gives history of the data, shows where to find data, and shows relationships between data sets. Liu states that there are five specific functions which metadata supports: description, location, discovery, archivi...

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