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Extended Writing Project- Kiana Wymore

During life, we face turning points which could be difficult. Turning points all take place in Warriors Don’t Cry a memoir by Melba Patillo Beals, “ The Father of Chinese Aviation” by Rebecca Maksel, with the topic being about Feng Ru, and I Never Had It Made and autobiography by Jackie Robinson. Melba Pattillo Beals, Jackie Robinson, and Feng Ru all experienced life-changing events that impacted their countries. Their life changing experiences were a big challenge to their goal, yet they still managed to pull together and complete their goal.
Melba Beals faced segregation in schools by going to an all white school, helping black students get a better education. She was a part of the Little Rock …show more content…

Melba Beals faced many challenges in doing this as Beals states here, ”We stepped up the front door of Central High School and crossed that threshold into that place where angry segregationist mobs had forbidden us to go.” It was dangerous for Beals to go to this school, since there were “angry segregationist mobs” trying to do everything they could to keep her from going to this school, she was facing danger and threats from segregationists. Furthermore, she was going to an all white school with only a few of her fellow African American students coming with her. Going to a new school is scary for most people but, Beals was going to a new white school, where she was not welcome by the white students. Facing angry segregationist mobs and going to a new all white school were certainly challenging to Beals, and life changing events. Though she faced these challenges, she responded by remaining determined, and …show more content…

Feng Ru immigrated from China to America, and became interested in aviation. Feng Ru wanted to create an aircraft factory and build airplanes of his design, but he was challenged. Feng Ru faced many challenges to his goal since,”San Francisco’s massive earthquake and resulting fire forced him to relocate to Oakland instead, were funded by local Chinese businessmen, Feng erected his workshop a- 10- by- eight foot shack.”(Maksel). The first challenge was that he had to work in a small space. He was building an airplane, and you need a lot of room to build an airplane, but Feng Ru did not have that much room in a small shack. Such a challenge made it difficult for Feng Ru to achieve his goal. Furthermore, another challenge is that he did not have enough money to fund himself. This was a challenge because that means Feng Ru had to be funded by other people, which means if he did not succeed at the aircraft factory he would go into debt. In addition to these challenges, when Feng Ru tested out one of his airplanes, it was most likely to crash, which could hurt him. Though these events tested him, Feng Ru remained determined and succeeded in creating an aircraft factory. All the challenges caused Feng Ru to become brave when he tested his airplanes, and always be determined. According to Maksel who quoted this from a report about Feng

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