Medical Assistance Programs

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Medical Assistance Programs Introduction Welfare or Public Aid provides a minimal level of comfort, and social support for all citizens. The Medical Assistance Program is designed to provide Illinois residents access to quality healthcare. To qualify you must meet some financial criteria, residency requirements, and in most cases you must be a citizen. Another qualification requirement is the person has to be either blind, disabled or aged 65 or older, or have children under the age of 19 or be pregnant (“Medical assistance programs”). Literature Review The Medical Assistance Program has generated a lot of political sides, and debates on whether the government should maintain spending on programs to help the poor, or take the steps to reduce the government’s spending on their budget deficit. Seven in ten (69%) of people say it is more important to maintain current Social Security, and Medicare benefits than to reduce the deficient, while 59% prioritize keeping the current levels of spending for programs for the poor and needy over deficit reduction (“In deficit debate”, 2013). Two-thirds of Americans say the country has not made any progress in reducing the budget deficit. Usually the public supports spending cuts, and tax increases in order to reduce the federal budget, and most people say the best way to reduce it is to cut some major programs, and have some tax increases. The primary focus should be on spending cuts not on anything else. The feelings on budget cuts and spending cuts are divided among democrats, and republicans. History Welfare in the United States commonly refers to the federal government welfare programs that have been put in place to assist the unemployed or underemployed. Help is stretched out t... ... middle of paper ... ...dical assistance. DHS. Retrieved March 3, 2014, from Golden, N.G. (2006). Pregnancy and maternity leave: Taking baby steps towards effective policies. Journal of Law & Family Studies, 8, 1-38 In deficit debate, public resists cut in entitlements and aid to poor. (2013, December 19). Pew Research Center for the People and the Press RSS. Retrieved March 3, 2014, from Medical assistance programs. (n.d.). DHS:. Retrieved from Welfare information. (2014). US Welfare System. Retrieved March 3, 2014, from Ybarra, M. (2013). Implications of paid family leave for welfare participants. National Association of Social Workers. doi: 10.1093

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