Media Friendships: The Quagmire Of Social Media Friendships

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Reading “The Quagmire of Social Media Friendships”, Curtis Silver expresses his idea of who we consider to be our friends when it comes to social media. What stood out to me in this essay is how Silver asked if social media created fake friends. In which I have decided to define the term fake friends. When I think of the term fake friends, I think of someone who claims to be a true friend, when in fact they are quite the opposite. Fake friends in my opinion are those who will talk negatively about you behind your back, they could really care less about that your feelings or what you think even. I also feel that fake friends are those who use you in order to achieve something that benefits them and only them. In terms of social media, If someone…show more content…
In his essay Silver mentions, “Regardless of what we think or what our social media statistics indicate, as functioning humans we can only maintain a set number of actual relationships, straining what exactly a friend is.” (Silver 444). It has been expressed here that no matter what the statistics of social media portray,the average human being can only maintain so many actual and physical relationships with people. Therefore, why he is arguing that social media indeed creates fake friends that most people claim to believe that they are friends. However, I argue that fake friends are those who impact your life as a friend negatively in the real world. Fake friends become your “friend” because they need or want something from you. Once they find what they want or need, it is normal for them to ignore you and only come back when it 's convenient for them. Comparatively, friends on social media are more of an acquaintance in my point of view. On social media, those who I allow to be my friends or follow me I either have come into contact with a few times, or have been friends with them at some point in my life. That is the reasoning as to why I don’t believe that social media creates fake

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