Medals: Symbolism And Meaning

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Symbolisms & Meanings
Medals are the biggest piece of symbolism in the film. The meal symbolizes different things in the film. For the ‘good guys’, such as Felix, medals represent accomplishment for a good day of work, as well as accomplishment. Medals also provide the symbolism of economic wealth. For the good guys who are able to receive medals, they have more luxury than characters who cannot get one due to the programing of the game. For characters like Ralph and Vanellope, it is a symbol of opportunity because a medal would give them more freedom in their games. Medals also provide a “grass is not always greener on the other side” meaning for Ralph, because even when he receives one, he realizes it is not always worth it.

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The most noticeable use of editing was magic realism. With cameos from famous video games, such as Sonic, Bowser, Pac-Man, and Frogger, the film incorporated multiple different video game characters interacting with each other, or intertextual. This was a great example of magic realism because it still seemed realistic to the story, even though it is highly impossible these characters would know each other. There was also editing use of product placement as well. The use of including famous video game characters also was a way to promote their games. With the actual children that played the games in the arcade, they showed product placement with a Subway drink. Wreck-It Ralph was a very detailed film, due to the editing and use of 3D computer-animation. There was also use of a cutaway shot in the film, specifically when Ralph received a medal. Once Ralph gets the medal, it briefly shows a cutaway shot of Ralph’s vision to how is life will change with a medal. There was also technically use of off-screening as well. The characters in the video game had to show their actions in the areas of the screen for the children. But, outside of that screen they could move around however they liked. In the scene when a child was playing Fix-It Felix, Jr. without Ralph, Felix acts like his character in the screen for the gamer but acts in panic outside of the screen when looking for …show more content…

The use of regular and extreme close ups was important, because it made the viewer focus on the reaction shot of the subject and their emotions. There was also the camera technique of point-of-view and breaking the forth wall. The scene Ralph enters Hero’s World for the first time is a great example of the combination of the two. The film uses the point-of-view technique to provide the accuracy of the first person shooting game. It also breaks the forth wall, as the gamer playing Hero’s War looks directly into the camera. There was also a great use of both medium and long shots as well. The use of medium shots was included to provide every subject and give them importance. In the scene were Ralph is introduced telling his story at the Bad-Anon, the use of a medium shot was important because it included very subject in the scene. Long shots were also an important use of camera technique. Even though it was created through computer-animation, the long shot use was great because it could focus on the subject in front of the shot, then slowly pan out and focus on the long shot of the subjects in the pack. One great example of this was when Ralph was at the top of a tree and learning he was in the Sugar Rush setting. The film uses the technique of an extreme close up of Ralph’s face and reaction shot of losing his medal, then pans out to show the long shot to introduce the setting of Sugar Rush by focusing

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