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I'm in Mr.Fiedler's room watching the latest news, two more minutes until it's time for my first class of the day. I tremble as I watch the clock tick away. Tick, tock, tick, tock... 8:45, I got 3 minutes to get to Mrs.Bernston's room, but off course her room is the only room on the other side of the school. I don't blame the other teachers, I wouldn't want to be by her room either. I quickly walk to Mrs.Berntson’s room as my heart pounds 1000 beats per minute. I slowly walk into her dark room, wondering why no one is here, and expecting some sort of trap. I take a couple steps inside then all of a sudden WHOOSH, next thing I know i’m hanging on the ceiling by me feet with a thick rope tied around my ankles. The nefarious lady comes out of the dark corner yelling, “I told you we’re gonna be in the computer lab typing our Meanwhile essays, didn’t you pay attention to anything i said yesterday!?”

“ ..yes mam, I just simply forgot,” I said.

“I don’t care! Maybe if you paid attention more you would learn a thing or two!” she screeched. She cut the rope and I


... middle of paper ...

...rd of zombies emerge from the bushes! Gizmo yells, “Come on!” I run after Gizmo. I sprinted as fast as I can, but the walking corpses are still following us. It’s like in horror movies, where no matter how fast you run, the antagonist can be walking slowly but some how are able to stay right behind you. Still right behind Gizmo, I trip on a fallen log and twist my ankle, my heart just sank. I quickly get up, limping, trying to catch up to Gizmo. I finally get to Gizmo, but theres one zombie that was hiding on the side of the path and grabs my shirt. With my shirt choking me, I fall with the zombie right next to me. As Gizmo is screeches, biting, doing everything he can do to get the zombie away, i'm kicking and doing everything I can do to get way. Gizmo shouts, “Hurry! meanwhile!” I quickly grab a handfull of leaves and twigs from the ground and spell “Meanwhile”.