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Leadership can mean many different things and often the definition varies from person to person. The definition of leadership that I strive for centers around being who I am. Before someone can be a leader they have to know who they are. Therefore; Leadership is becoming the person you want to be and leading other people to become who they want to be. An example of a leader in my own life would be the man who use to be Pastor at my church. I was a lost soul before he came to my church. He took the time to speak to me and explain to me the joys and privileges of being saved through Christ. He helped mold me into the young lady I am today. Through his leadership I was able to become one step closer to becoming a leader also. As a leader I want to impact people’s lives and help them become who they strive to be.
Everyday we are leaning new skills and talents for leadership. In every decision we make we learn whether we realize it or not. One of my best skills of leadership is leading my example. I am not a very outgoing person so taking charge of situations will not be something I do, but I lead by way of my actions. It is difficult to lead that way because if a mistake is made that is the only thing people remember. My biggest weakness has to do with me not being outgoing. Because I am not outgoing I do not go up and talk to people I do not know, and I do not try to lead in a large group. I often try to avoid groups. In school, I would much rather work along than with a group. This semester had been difficult for me because it has required much group work and I have had to become accustomed to it and learn to deal with it. Honesty and Trustworthiness are two major leadership values that I believe are necessary in a leader. You h...

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...y can become an example themselves. These will work to my advantage in my career because I will be able to lead the other nurses by my actions and I can model the way for them and my patients. Through writing this paper and going through this leadership class I have learned my potential to be a great leader. Before hand I did not believe I could be a very influential leader. I just thought I would always just stay in the background. Now I know that I have the power to be a leader wherever and whenever.

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