Mass Trauma And Violence: Annotated Bibliography

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Books Figley, C. R. (2007). MASS TRAUMA AND VIOLENCE: HELPING FAMILIES AND CHILDREN COPE. Journal Of Psychological Trauma, 6(4), 83-86. doi:10.1080/19322880802096582 This article, is a book review for a book called Mass Trauma and Violence: Helping Families and Children Cope. Boyd Webb is the author of the book as well as a play therapist and crisis interventionist. Webb has different sections in his book that particularly focus on the theoretical framework for assessments and treatment, and conceptualizations of mass trauma. He emphasizes helping interventions that consist of specific cognitive, behavioral and client centered therapies, family focused bereavement programs and art, music, sand and play therapy. This book stresses the importance of effective treatment modalities in order to avoid long term consequences of trauma. Webb discusses the specific adaptations and treatments that vary between various types of trauma and different age and group. The book also explores several cases of children who have faced a traumatic event and highlights culturally sensitive programs and activities that can be employed for minority groups. Peer Reviewed Articles Buss, K., Warren, J., & Horton, E. (2015). Trauma and treatment in early childhood: A review of the historical and emerging …show more content…

He also explores various studies in relation to play therapy. Ogawa focuses on two types of therapy, Release Play Therapy and Child-Centered Play Therapy. Ogawa addresses how play is significant because it is used as a means of expression and resolution of children’s terrifying experiences. Ogawa highlights a study of play therapy, where the children affected by 9/11 refused to talk about their experiences when directly questioned, but narrated their painful stories when they played with toys. He suggest that the therapeutic environment “Defrosted frozen

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